As a preferred provider in VPN service's, we always try to provide excellent customer support/service. We have a dedicated team assigned to different sections like customer support, technical support.

Bestvpnrating provides reviews on VPN service providers, they have reviewed our service here

Below provides details on what BestVPNRating perceive our service after reviewing

Overall, it is a very good VPN client. The free VPN service has worked really well. The VPN provides 2048-bit OpenVPN encryption, which is extra secure for any network. The number of server locations offered by the provider is being constantly widened. The limitless bandwidth and speed are reasonable for using it for streaming resources. VPNSecure or VPN-S seems to be useful for both advanced and average customers as it has easy-to-set-up apps, qualitative clients support and specific functions such as dedicated IP.

The review from Best VPN Ratings provides a good overview of our service based off information available on our website, but readers beware, VPN review sites are usually bias and market the top paying companies to get the most commissions - As you can see from checking their "Best VPN for Windows" section, it lists the top paying VPN providers for affiliate commissions. Even tho we ranked very high in the actual review.

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