As a preferred provider in VPN service's, we always try to provide excellent customer support/service. We have a dedicated team assigned to different sections like customer support, technical support.

VPNAnalysis provides reviews on VPN service providers, they have reviewed our service here

Below provides details on what VPNAnalysis perceive as pros and cons of our service.


  • Encrypt Wi-Fi
  • Supports Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac
  • ‘ZeroLogging’ policy
  • Supports Business and White Label VPN
  • 24/7 live Chat


  • Doesn’t Support L2TP

While we do not agree with the Con's list, because simply we cannot support every VPN protocol available and L2TP is not a suitable protocol to use in the world of privacy. We choose to provide users with the best VPN protocol available on the market. It seems that the reviewer had to find something to put in the Cons list.

OpenVPN: We provide a custom client that is very easy to use, mixed with technologies like Stealth VPN to make your VPN connection truly undetectable.

IPSEC: Mobile support for IPSEC using either our Mobile apps or native interface.

We also note that other VPN providers reviewed on their site do not provide L2TP, but this does not show in the reviews CON list. However a particular service that has a 5 Star review, doesn't even provide 24/7 Live chat to help their customers - So please keep this information in mind when choosing a VPN provider to protect your privacy.

The review from VPN Analysis provides a good overview of our service based off information available on our website, but readers beware, VPN review sites are usually bias and market the top paying companies to get the most commissions - This might not be the case with VPNAnalysis but is a general warning for all VPN review websites.

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