FAQ: Learn more about OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSH and HTTP Proxies

  • We will try to answer all of your questions. If you feel you need further help please don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer support team!

    What are the benefits of a VPN connection?

    We have compiled a list of benefits that you can use the VPN service for, there are many different reasons and our VPN benefits page outlines some uses for a VPN connection.

    Why do I need a VPN service?

    A secure VPN service has multiple benefits

    • Encrypt all data sent over the internet from your computer.

    • Protect yourself from identity thieves.

    • Your internet connection will be disguised & anonymous - no longer reveal your true geographic location.

    • Access location-restricted services and streaming media from anywhere in the world.

    How can I check what IP & Location I appear to be using?

    Your current ip is , we have a more detailed ip lookup page at VPNSecure.me/ip

    Do you have a trial available to test your service?

    Yes, we have trial accounts available at a cost of $2 per 2 day period for either OpenVPN or PPTP. Alternatively you can trial both OpenVPN & PPTP at a cost of $4 for 4 days.

    How can I pay for VPNSecure.me service?

    VPNSecure.me accepts PayPal, Credit Card, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Cashu

    You can choose to Pay with Credit card direct on the site or via Skrill, PayPal or Payza. If you wish to Subscribe, please use PayPal Subscription option. You will be notified when your account is about to expire.

    Membership updates can be made from the Members section.

    Does VPNSecure.me supply a Proxy server?

    VPNSecure.me provides access to our network of anonymous HTTP proxy servers with all accounts, Including monthly and trial accounts.

    You will only need to change the settings in your browser to use this service. No software installation required. We have an optional chrome extension that makes using our HTTP proxy service quick and convenient with no manual configuration required.

    OpenVPN or PPTP?

    OpenVPN is a more secure and faster protocol to tunnel your internet connection via VPNSecure, if you are after better encryption and faster download speeds, then the OpenVPN option is for you.

    The PPTP option is encrypted and will run on more devices and platforms then OpenVPN. PPTP is compatible with your iPhone for example. You can also configure most good routers with PPTP VPN connections and Windows / MAC support PPTP without any software installs.

    VPNSecure does not limit you to choose, you can purchase a plan that includes access to both of these services, don't forget you also get your free proxy account with your VPN account purchase.

    My internet is capped and throttled, help me?

    VPNSecure.me unique service works in such away our service is hard to be blocked. Other VPN providers can be blocked by Governments and Internet service providers.

    Are downloads shaped during certain times of the day? Bypass the shaping with VPNSecure.me VPN Server

    Can I use VPNSecure.me on multiple computers?

    VPNSecure.me does not have many restrictions, if you would like to setup your VPN connection on 10 computers. Thats fine by us! We only ask that you are the user of those 10 computers as we don't allow multiple connections under the one account concurrently.

    Do I need to install software?

    Only when using the OpenVPN or SSH services. VPNSecure.me can only provide all the benefits of a secure VPN service by installing a software package. The software is easy to setup and we provide tutorials in our support section.

    I'm using Wifi-hotspots, will VPNSecure help me?

    If you are a regular user of Wifi hotspots, using a secure VPN connection will eliminate your data being captured by anyone else using the wifi hotspot. Paid and Free wifi hotspots are insecure. Banking information, email login details and Facebook login details can all be captured by another user on the network.

    Using VPNSecure.me service provides an encrypted secure connection allowing safe internet banking and browsing the internet.

    I'm using 3G connection, will VPNSecure.me boost my speed?

    In some cases yes. The VPN connection will improve browsing and download speeds however we can't guarantee benefits.

    VPNSecure.me recommends our testing our services with the trial service from $1 a day.

    Can I use your service for Netflix ?

    Yes, streaming all your favourite movies from Netflix will work using our OpenVPN service regardless of your location!

    Can I access Pandora internet radio using your service ?

    Yes, all of your favourite artists will be available to you via Pandora streaming, regardless of what country you're connecting from using our OpenVPN, PPTP or Proxy servers

    What is my "key" password ?

    Your key password is whatever members area password you had set when you first purchased an plan with OpenVPN access. It's hardcoded into your keyfiles. If you're setting up the service on a new computer and you cannot remember, just login to our members area and press the blue "regenerate openvpn keys" button to update these files with your latest password.

    Do you support Blackberry devices ?

    Unfortunately no at this time Blackberry devices do not support any of the VPN protocols that we provide with our services.

    How fast is your VPN service ?

    VPN performance is reliant on many factors, some of which can be hard to predict. We upgrade all of our server connections as usage and requirements rise. We do not "oversell" like many of our competitors, and do our best to maintain a high standard of performance for all clients.

    You can do your own direct speedtests by visiting our Servers page and clicking through to a location, then on the speedtest links to see how any particular server will perform for your location and ISP. Some pages have images of staff speedtests, but these are rarely indicitive of the performance YOU will achieve as they have been done from Australia.

    Do you have servers in (location X) ?

    You can see our current server locations on this page - but we're constantly expanding our network and are happy to hear any suggestions you may have. Just let us know where you'd like us to expand to via live chat or our contact page and we will consider it!

    What's the difference between your regular and "SSL or TCP" OpenVPN servers ?

    There is no difference in the encryption or security between these server types - they use different network protocols and ports so they are available from more restricted networks.

    Regular Servers use port 1191 and UDP protocol - Best performance but occasionally filtered on restricted networks.

    SSL Servers use port 443 and TCP protocol - Slight performance penalty but almost always available as its the same port used for HTTPS/SSL websites.

    Where can I download your software ?

    All of our software is available on our download page here.

    How to Cancel PayPal subscription ?

    If you sign up for a PayPal subscription, or a trial account and wish to cancel the subscription please follow the instructions outlined on our support forum here.

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