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VPNSecure.me Review - Secure Yourself With This VPN Provider

Cloud Storage Info reviews VPNSecure

From the company’s name itself, we already know what are its agenda, advocacy, and reason for the business organization’s existence. The name ultimately reminds people to secure their internet privacy through anonymous web browsing. It also reminds us to use VPN to secure the transfer of important files and documents which we are doing online.

VPNSecure.me has approximately 100 servers that are located in 48 different countries worldwide. The United States of America is the country with the largest share of VPNSecure.me servers at 16% of the total VPN servers. Based on my research, the United States of America has 16 servers. It is then followed by the United Kingdomwith 7 servers constituting 7% of the total number of servers. Italy has 4 VPN servers. On top of that, countries such as Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland have 3 servers each. These 6 countries comprise 18% of the total number of servers. The rest of the VPN servers are located in other countries.

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