How Does a VPN Work? 

A Virtual Private Network or VPN for short is a secure tunnel between two devices. We allow you to create a Virtual Private Network with a single click. Once connected you are protected instantly from prying eyes!

When your device is asked for an IP address, which is kind of like a fingerprint, it simply hands over one of ours instead of yours.  Keeping your true identity a mystery.

Any data you request passes through our servers with no logging of course & is then forwarded safely and securely to your device, all while maintaining your true identity.

Our global network gives you the appearance of being elsewhere in the world allowing you to access content like you live there!

Securing your data with VPNS is as simple as openclick and GO!

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Don't Surf Naked!

Full Throttle

Prevent ISPs from slowing down your connection and inspecting everything you download

Mobile Security

Take your security with you wherever you go

Be Anonymous

Keep your online presence and information private

Don't Be Just Another Number

Stop Geo-targeting and sneaky online tracking

Bypass censorship

Break down the walls and experience the open web!

No Fear

Use public Wi-Fi without fear

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