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No Logging Policy

We do not log any of your personal information when connecting to our service.  'Any data' means but is not limited to the following

  • IP Address NOT logged
  • Connection timestamp NOT logged
  • Disconnect timestamp NOT logged
  • Bandwidth used NOT logged
  • DNS Requests NOT logged

IP Address

When you connect to our VPN servers we disguise your IP address.  The outside world cannot view the computer that you are connecting from. The IP address that external sites see is that of our VPN servers.

Connection Timestamp

When connecting to our servers, we do not log the time and date that you connected to our services.

Bandwidth Logging

We do not track the amount of bandwidth that you use against your account when using our premium VPN service.

Disconnection Logging

We do not log the date and time when you disconnect from the VPN service.

DNS requests

When connecting to our VPN service, we make sure that all DNS requests are forwarded over the VPN connection using our inbuilt leak protection.  When you visit a website your computer will need to resolve the name to an IP address & we do not log the request you send to our DNS servers when browsing the internet.

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