Corporate VPN

VPNSecure can help your company with GRE, OpenVPN, IPSec termination of onshore or offshore tunnels.

Secure IPSEC, OpenVPN offshore termination

With the latest rounds of data retention talks in Australia and other parts of the world VPNSecure can provide you with Off-shore VPN servers or IPSEC termination points allowing you to re-route all your office traffic inbound and outbound through our secure channels.  This mitigates your risk and keeps your data private. We can customise a solution specifically for your company, contact us today

  • GRE
  • IPSec
  • OpenVPN
  • Juniper
  • Cisco
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac

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Frequently Asked Questions

Company wishes to provide secure access to their online casino using an easy to use method. 

VPNSecure created a custom cross platform VPN application that allowed the user to login using a 5 digit passcode, auto connect to a pre-defined server farm, launch an in-built browser to the customers website providing seamless integration from start to finish. 

A company wanted to provide an always-on VPN service built into the firmware of mobile phones, routing only specific subnets and applications.

VPNSecure created a VPN library for Android.  This allowed the phone software development company to auto start a custom VPN connection, routing only desired company subnets and data across the VPN, this allowed company issued phones with custom firmware installed to encrypt all data from the device to internal company network.

An ISP had their subnet ranges blocked from certain internet routes due to end user abuse. IPv4 is now in depletion and not using company owned IPv4 resources is not an option.

VPNSecure provided a remote GRE tunnel, allowing the ISP to route specific IPv4 subnets through the tunnel and out to the internet.  If the IP is to be blocked again, VPNSecure can adjust the outbound IP to the service. 

A company wanted to provide a VPN service to their customers with their own servers

VPNSecure provided the company with the API + Desktop and Mobile software along with all server locations to support up to 500,000 customer VPN connections, including 24/7 escalation support and monitoring of server side infrastructure.

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