Meta Search Engine Secure Aggregated

What is Meta search network?

Metasearch provides safe and private search on the web.

What are the advantages of Meta search network?

The biggest advantage to Metasearch is that it is completely ad free search experience. Positions of the results displayed in the Metasearch are all organic yet relevant results, data is gathered from search engines you love, which means that they will not change according to your search history or preferences.

Data is aggregated from the search engines you already use, providing results in a secure environment.

Equally important advantage is that we apply the same no log policy feature for meatsearch as we do for all our products.

How does Meta search work?

MetaSearch uses the best search algorithms available. The search happens by using Google, Bing, DuckDuckgo and other search engines to get the best results.

Is it merely a private search engine or does it have additional features?

Meta Search Network is ad free and zero log private search service. It’s the real incognito mode for searches you don’t want anyone to see.

We take your privacy seriously

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