Public Wifi Protection

free doesn't always mean it's a good idea!

Be secure on public WiFi Hotspots

Given the current scenario it would be impossible to imagine a world without internet.  The recent technological boom has also played a crucial role in making the internet ubiquitous. 

These days, you are more often provided with the liberty to use free Wi-Fi at hotels, airports, restaurants, book stores etc.  While this could prove to be a lifeline for the majority of users, especially the working professionals, there are certain aspects that you should not take for granted. 

Always be aware of the fact that such liberty comes tagged with a price and be smart enough to dig deep to find the associated risks.

All these restaurants, airports and bookstores etc compete to provide optimum customer service.  To make things easier for you; they offer Wi-Fi hotspots that require no authentication.  Like a walk in the park, right?  Well, try thinking from the other end of the wall, a Wi-Fi hotspot, which can be accessed by you with a click, is also accessible by a hacker.  Once a hacker gets in the loop, they can cause drastic damage with minimum time and resources.

To start with, they can position themselves in the network in such a manner that all your communications to the Wi-Fi hotspot are channelized through them.  So, they can easily sniff out your credentials like passwords, username, Gmail ID, credit card details etc leaving you clueless.

If you are smart enough to make the right move, you can easily leave these hackers clueless, when accessing public Wi-Fi.  Yes, one of the most recommended means to stay safe while accessing public Wi-Fi is to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN.  Using a VPN encrypts your internet activity which hides your information making it untouchable. 

VPN Secure is a behemoth when it comes to offering VPN Services.  We can encrypt your data so efficiently that even if a hacker positions themselves between the hotspot and you, they will have no means to decrypt the data that is being passed over.

Protect your Mobile Devices

VPNSecure can offer you safe browsing on your mobile phone or tablet device.  It doesn't matter if you use iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.  VPN Secure has a solution to keep all of your data protected.

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