VPN Features

Mobile VPN

Access on IOS and Android using our custom made easy to use applications available on the app store.

Access All Servers

Growing location of super fast global servers in 48 Countries.  Unlimited server switching.


The VPN client is built with the power of OpenVPN giving you extensive options and fast connectivity.

Stealth VPN

Stealth VPN built right in.  Obfuscate your traffic to make it look random and bypass DPI & restrictive firewalls.

HTTP Proxy

HTTP Proxy access to all 48 servers with free VPNSecure Chrome Browser Extension to easily switch servers.

Smart DNS

Access geo-restricted content around the globe with a simple change of DNS servers, on Desktop, Xbox, PS 3/4, Apple TV, Android & IOS.

Risk free 7 day Money Back Guarantee

Device Compatibility

VPN Secure's VPN is compatible with a wide range of devices.

Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista , XP)
MacOS (Apple Mac)
Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora & more)
IOS (iPad,iPhone,iTouch)
Tomato VPN
Synology NAS VPN
Raspberry PI

Advanced Features

Search Servers
UDP Leak Fix
DNS Leak fix
Auto save username & Password
Open on startup
Stealth VPN
Language selection
Theme selection
Clear recent servers
Disable IPv6
Disable Internet on disconnection.
Choose Cipher:


Add custom OpenVPN Options
Custom routing options
Submit support from application
Switch user profiles
Connect to recent servers
Show days remaining on account

Getting up and Running

Login, choose a server to connect to, and connect! You are now enjoying the internet as it should be. Open, secure and anonymously.

3 Years
$2.99/m Buy 3 Years
1 Month
$9.95/m START 30 DAY TRIAL FOR $1.00
12 Months
$6.66/m Buy 12 Months
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