SSH Socks For Linux

Setup the Tunnel

ssh -C -D127.0.0.1:8080 -p443 [email protected]

The Details

  • -C: (optional) will enable compression over the link & can improve speeds depending on the type of data being sent
  • is the local IP you want the socks proxy to listen on
  • 8080: is the localport you want to open a socks proxy to configure in your network applications.
  • 443: is the remote port that our server is listening on - available in the server list in our members area
  • username: is your VPNSecure members username
  • is the individual server you want to connect to - you can find a list in our members area under "servers"

Using the SSH Tunnel

Once you hit enter you will be prompted to enter your VPNSecure password & will then connect to the SSH tunnel. Once connected you just need to configure your browser or internet applications to use this tunnel, connecting to server with the local port you chose.