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How to Access Blocked U.S. News Sites From Europe

How to Access Blocked U.S. News Sites From Europe

The latest European regulations regarding data have caused a tidal wave of repercussions across the globe.

It's not just endless emails in European inboxes requiring users to update their data preferences for every company they have ever had any contact with.

Can't remember signing up for those disco dancing lessons in the balmy summer of '05? Millennium Disco can, and they need you to update your data preferences.

For many this has been a good time to weed out the chaff in their inbox and get rid of so many companies that continually pester customers about new products, services and deals.

But for news junkies the effects have been even more onerous. And they are yet to resolve themselves.

Since the regulations have come into force many major U.S. news sites are simply inaccessible from Europe. And despite the interminable Brexit negotiations, between the UK government and the EU, this also affects internet users in the UK.

English may be the global language, but UK internet users have been segregated to a European internet where many popular American sites are simply inaccessible to them. This of course affects everyone in Europe where English is for many a second language.

The new so called GDPR data regulations require so much extra due diligence from these companies, whether they are news sites or anything else, that many simply have decided to cut their losses and block their site entirely to those visiting from the UK, and everywhere else in Europe where these regulations have been adopted.

The rights and wrongs of these new regulations can be debated elsewhere. Whether the massive tech companies with a monopoly on our lives will truly be affected by any of this, or whether the data of individual net users will really be more secure, are questions that perhaps answer themselves.

To access blocked U.S news sites you need a VPN. VPNSecure is the market leader when it comes to protecting your data and your security online. It actually does, in terms of protecting your data, everything that these new regulations claim to do.

VPNSecure has another added bonus in the wake of these new regulations: VPNSecure unlocks all of the news sites that have been blocked to EU citizens and others whose nations have adopted these new rules.

It's not just minor sites, that cannot afford to abide by these new rules, that are blocked. Major news platforms across the globe, some of the very top sites in the English language world, are simply, as a result of these rules, inaccessible in Europe.

European Citizens' rights to a free press have been curtailed as a result of this legislation, even if this aspect of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has garnered little attention in the mainstream press.

Thankfully, with VPNSecure you can unlock the entire internet and open it up to your freedom to explore; to your right to know what is going on in the world.

The New York Daily News, one of the most important newspapers in the international media city that is New York; the LA Times, considered the second or third most important newspaper in the U.S. after the New York Times and the Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune family of newspapers, are all blocked.

These sites had massive European traffic and interest in their stories and articles. But since the latest GDPR regulations across Europe they have been rendered entirely inaccessible from anywhere in the European Union, even in the UK, where these regulations have been permanently adopted despite that nation's current negotiations to leave the trading bloc.

It has been some time since these regulations passed, with still no sign of these news sites being open again to European visitors.

Unlock the world and your rights to explore with VPNSecure. With VPNSecure the many and multiplying blocks on your freedom fall away. We unlock sites and give you access to servers across the globe to ensure that your freedom is never curtailed no matter what the latest threats, the latest blockades, or even the latest fashions of what is politically correct online. With VPNSecure you are secure, you are safe, and you can go anywhere.

Unblocking U.S. news sites from Europe is just the beginning of what VPNSecure can do for your online freedom.

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