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Best VPN For Authoritarian Regimes

Best VPN For Authoritarian Regimes

Wherever you are in the world you can be forgiven for feeling there is something afoot as regards your freedoms online. The internet is no longer as open, and as free, as it used to be; when it comes to accessing sites, content from anywhere, or even ideas and information.

The big tech giants control our perceptions as much as anything else. They have a monopoly on human knowledge that is unprecedented in human history.

For those outside the western world the threats to their freedoms and personal privacy are a lot less abstract. They are directly affected by the draconian laws of the authoritarian regimes that they reside within. Whether it is Russia; the Middle East; Turkey, or states across Africa, the threats to human freedom are multiplying faster than at any time since the cold war.

Thankfully technology has opened up the world a great deal since then, and even if technology can be used to curtail our freedoms, it is as ever a double edged sword. The very technologies that can be used to curtail the freedoms of individual citizens across the world, in authoritarian countries or otherwise, can also be used to unlock human freedoms.

VPNs fall into this category, at least some of them do, and none more than VPNSecure, with our commitment to unlocking your online freedoms wherever you are in the world.

Turkey is a great example of this. They recently had an election that ensured yet more power for their sinister dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In the run up to the election a whole host of new crackdowns on digital media in that country were executed.

The ruling AKP party controls 90 percent of Turkey's news distribution channels, and they are moving more and more aggressively into the online sphere. In March, Erdogan's AKP government passed a new law which requires all online streaming and digital TV services to register with Turkey's restrictive RTUK media watchdog. Now they also have to obey the same restrictive rules applied to terrestrial TV broadcasters.

RTUK's council members are appointed by Erdogan and are widely seen as being under his thumb.

It is not just Turkey. Uganda is an example, where a new social media tax has prompted many Ugandans to investigate the best ways to bypass this draconian law. It goes without saying the best way to do that is with a VPN you can rely on.

VPNSecure ensures that no matter the restrictive laws in the authoritarian regime in which you reside - and also, in these matters, in the increasingly authoritarian west - a top tier, and widely respected VPN like VPNSecure is absolutely essential. Your freedoms are routinely curtailed as a matter of course by paranoid governments around the world.

Russia is of course another regime in which these restrictions are becoming increasingly stultifying. Despite news stories about a VPN ban in that country this ban, in terms of enforcement, has not went into effect. A highly functional VPN is still an absolute essential in securing your online freedoms in that country.

Countries across the Middle East have a particular dislike for VoIP call services; these are Voice Over Internet Protocol services like WhatsApp and Skype. These apps have been banned in Saudi Arabia and Iran, not to mention across the region.

VPNSecure is your first line of defence against all of the threats to your freedom that come as a consequence of living, visiting, or doing business in an authoritarian regime.

In regions where freedom is at a premium, VPNSecure opens up your ability to access blocked sites, secure your privacy, encrypt your data, and make sure no one, whether it's government surveillance or bad actors of any kind, can observe, or in anyway detect your online activity or access your information.

In Authoritarian regimes especially, but everywhere, to protect yourself online, you need VPNSecure.

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