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How to Prevent DNS Leaks

Using a VPN or Virtual Private Network is the most recommended solution to surf safe on the web. With a VPN, you can effectively keep your personal information like browsing history, name, address, account information from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and hackers.

However, no matter how impeccable the VPN Service you have chosen, there are things outside of the VPN that can cause you problems. Glitches can occur and a common one is know by the name DNS Leak.

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What is DNS Leak?

A DNS leak is characterized by a glitch in the VPN, operating system network which usually provides your ISP with the privilege to track your online activity, which it should not have the right to, at the first place. How does DNS leak occur?

Usually, your domain name is translated to numeric IP addresses by the Dynamic Name System (DNS) servers of your internet service provider. However, when you connect to a VPN, this translation is handled by the DNS of the VPN provider rather than your ISP’s DNS.

Therefore, when using a VPN, the DNS request is supposed to be channeled through your VPN provider’s DNS. However, on some occasions, this request is channeled through to your ISP’s DNS rather than your VPN provider’s DNS. This exposes your personal information like browsing history, name etc to the ISP. This is known as DNS Leak.

How to test DNS Leak?

You can test for DNS Leak from the following resource:

Tips to mitigate DNS Leaks

  • Using a VPN that offers a DNS Leak protection by default is one of the easiest and advised methods to mitigate the concerns of DNS Leaks. However, the task of finding a VPN service provider that guarantees DNS Leak prevention by default can be a hectic one; as such services are a rarity today. This is where VPNSecure can be your one stop source.

  • One of the other recommended alternatives to prevent DNS leaks is to set your static DNS server to the one that is offered by your VPN Service provider. We at VPN Secure, offer our clients with the details of our DNS Servers so that you can set static DNS from our list of DNS servers against your network adapter.

One of the main reasons why people use Virtual Private Networks is to protect themselves from prying eyes on the web, usually in the form of hackers. The glitches in the form of DNS leak can often turn out to be the cause of major headaches. Always make it a point to be alert when surfing the web and make no compromises when the aspect under the limelight is security and privacy.

Choose the right VPN Service Provider like VPN Secure to surf the web with no concerns on privacy and security. With a strict no logging policy, we work around the clock to ensure customer satisfaction by safeguarding their privacy and security concerns.

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