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What is Metadata?

Metadata can be defined as the activities or moves that you make on the web via any digitally connectable device like desktop, tablets, smart phones etc. Literally transformed, when you browse the web, respective information like IP addresses, device type, login date and time, physical location etc all gets categorized as metadata. The Australian government on 26th March 2015 passed the bill on Metadata retention that requires the pertinent ISPS/telecommunications industries to monitor and garner the metadata information of every single Australian and retain it for a period of two years. So if you are an Australian, each time you browse the web, the below listed information are collected by your ISP.

  • IP & Physical address
  • Name & Mobile number (wherever applicable)
  • Email Details (not content)
  • Browsing History (the sites you visit & date)

Metadata retention is explained as a step or precaution from the Australian government to fight against terrorism, crimes and other menaces. With this law, the government aims to learn everything about you, like your relationship status, likes and dislikes, political views etc. But, as an Australian citizen, you can feel that you are rights are being curtailed and find it extremely disturbing to know that all your internet activities are being watched. So, browsing through sites that are categorized under “Adult” simply because of the fact that it has adult jokes or similar content not suitable for kids can get you in the Governments black book. You might love watching documentaries but no longer can watch documentaries on war and terrorism simply because you don’t want to raise any suspicion.

The right solution to prevent metadata retention

As a free individual this is not what you want, you have the right to live free, provided you don’t intent to harm anyone. So, if you wish to save yourself from the clutches of metadata retention, the right solution to stick with is a Virtual Private Network or a VPN. A VPN will provide you with total anonymity when browsing the web and encrypt data so that any spying eye or even hackers find it impossible to fetch information like real IP address. Therefore, when browsing the web via a VPN, your ISP can detect your online presence and that’s it, they no longer will have the capability to crack into further into details like the websites that you are visiting or the videos you are watching. So, start thinking about using a VPN and start right by choosing a right VNP service provider like VPN Secure. Our VPNs are designed to safeguard your privacy rights and are even tagged with several additional features. If you are an individual who uses internet on a daily basis and if you wish to protect yourself and family online, then you should seriously start thinking about using a VPN service.

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