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The Best VPN For All Devices

As the numbers of devices with which we access the internet continue to proliferate, associated threats to our security also proliferate to an equal or even greater extent.

The days of doing all of your work on a dusty tower PC are relegated to the distant archaeological past. The convenience for users of having access to their data and apps across multiple devices is balanced against these extra threats. So how do you protect yourself across all your devices?

It's becoming a lot easier for virtual criminals to log onto just one of your devices to gain access across all your accounts in one fell swoop. This risk only increases in public places, where unsuspecting users are even more prone to attack; where information such as bank details and account passwords are even more likely to be stolen.

The best, and perhaps only real way to protect yourself online as an individual citizen is with a VPN. But not just any VPN - especially when it comes to protecting all of your devices.

VPNSecure is the cross platform VPN when it comes to protecting your freedom and privacy online across multiple devices. Available on Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, Android, iOS, we have all your bases covered.

VPNSecure really comes into its own, protecting you across multiple devices, when you opt for our VPN routers. There is a reason we call this Extreme Protection. Our routers are at the absolute cutting edge of protecting individual's freedom online from the endless, multiplying threats that lurk in every corner of the internet.

Extreme network protection: with a VPNSecure router sitting in front of all your devices on your network your home or office is transparently protected behind our network of VPN servers.

With three routers to choose from every eventuality is covered in terms of online protection, without compromising your ability to quickly access websites, content, and material online.

Our router stats:


Wireless-N 300 Mbps

Top Economy DD-WRT Router

DD-WRT Firmware Installed

Wireless-AC 1450 Mbps
800 MHz Broadcom Processor
High-end DD-WRT ARM Firmware Installed

Wireless-AC DD-WRT Router
N1750 Gigabit Wireless
External Antennas, 2x USB Port

Check our dedicated router page for details.

Across multiple devices the choice that VPNSecure offers individual users, compared to our competitors, is staggering. With us, everything is up to the user. The level of encryption, the speed, the connection, the server location. Everything is chosen by you. This only multiplies across several devices. It's a good thing too. Accessing the same accounts across multiple devices only opens more potential entryways for the unscrupulous to hack one of your devices to access everything; not just your other devices and accounts but your entire life.

It shouldn't matter how you access the internet, your security and protection is paramount to VPNSecure. It is a principle with us that we do not log your activity.

With our built in obfuscation technology in our VPN client for Windows, MacOS & Linux you can rest assured that switching on our Stealth VPN technology will guide you through the most restrictive DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) Firewalls. You are protected across all platforms and devices.

With our commitment to your freedom, privacy, and control over your VPN, VPNSecure, coupled with our unique features focussed on your freedom and security, offers the protections you need regardless of how many devices you use to access the internet.

With your ability to curate your own VPN experience with VPNSecure, you can always protect yourself simultaneously across multiple devices regardless of the threats you face in the online world. VPNSecure's most important feature is peace of mind, across all your devices.

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