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Tips to Choosing the Best VPN Service Provider

The Internet has become ubiquitous and given the current scenario, you might find it impossible to push through a day without surfing the web on your mobile or any other digitally connected device.

The internet service providers has played a crucial role in making this service ubiquitous and offering good package mirrored by high speed and bandwidth for the customers. Such factors have immensely contributed to the exponential growth of internet users with time. The fact the number of prying eyes has also been increasing with the number of internet users is something that has widely overshadowed.

An eavesdropper or hacker could potentially decrypt the data like account number, card number, address etc that you share with less secure websites. One possible solution to keep such concerns at bay is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN can ideally encrypt all your internet communications and make certain that they are safe from the prying eyes. Advantages associated with VPNs are multifold and a few listed below:

Using a VPN is considered as a smart move. Today there are tons of VPN service providers that makes it difficult to choose one. Foreseeing your VPN needs, setting aside some time and looking for quality rather than affordability can turn out to be critical in ending up with the best VPN Service Provider.

Server Locations: It is always wise to choose a VPN service provider with servers spread across the globe. If your priority is to access channels across the globe without any restrictions, or simply deciding to a use a service in a location with strict privacy laws then choosing a service provider with distributed servers across the globe is a smart choice. VPNSecure's server locations

No Logging: Choosing a VPN essential protects your internet communications from the eavesdroppers, however, you should be aware of the fact that the respective service providing operator has access to the same. Therefore, make it a point to vet the privacy policy of the VPN service provider that you are considering and ensure that they do not log your data.

Pricing: It is always good to choose a VPN service provider that offers you multiple payment options like Bitcoin, Perfect Money, PayPal, Credit Card etc. You should also understand the difference between the free and paid VPN Service Providers. While the free VPN service providers can log in to your data to provide tailored ads, the latter would give importance to nothing but your privacy needs. VPNSecure Pricing

Speed: Using a VPN can cause the speed of the internet to deteriorate, however, a reputed or efficient VPN service provider can handle and maintain things smooth so that the speed change is subtle. It is advised to go through the reviews provided by the previous or existing clients of the VPN service provider that you are considering, for clarification.

Support: When using a VPN provider you require professional support to be there in times of need. Different types of support provide different benefits, email support is generally slow, phone support makes it hard for you and the technical expert to convey the correct information, Live chat support makes this process very easy, links to support articles can be given or even remote support sessions via Teamviewer can be chosen, make sure the provider you choose has 24/7 Live chat support and a healthy Knowledge base. VPNSecure Support

Software: Easy to use software is a must, you don't want to be spending hours with support trying to setup clunky software. The general OpenVPN software that most VPN providers use that is maintained by OpenVPN is not user friendly, pick a provider that has spent the time and money developing their own VPN software that makes it very easy for a customer to setup and get started straight away.

Security: The security of the VPN provider is a must when choosing, this extends to the practice of securing VPN nodes, The VPN providers website and infrastructure. Putting your complete trust in a provider it essential, Web application firewalls, Security Audits, PCI compliance if taking credit card data, steps taken to secure VPN nodes, does the provider use cheap VPS servers? does the provider use dedicated server hardware? Do new threats get actioned straight away such as the Heart bleed bug or glibc Ghost

Take your time, put in some effort and thought prior to signing up with any of the VPN service providers. Be aware of the fact that it is your privacy that’s placed on the line and you don’t want to make any compromise.

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